Solid waste Management

Creating Value Through Services


Are you a household looking to go green?

We offer India’s first digital recyclable pickup platform for Households and Small & Medium Enterprises. We also provide a customized recycling services larger housing societies.

Seamless pickup: Scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.
Earn money: Earn more money by recycling more types of recyclables. Digital weighing, transparent pricing, and on-the-spot payment.
Go green: Network of PCB certified recyclers to ensure all your waste finds a green end point.
Responsiveness: Any issues, we’re just a call away.


Are you a corporate looking for a sustainable solution for your trash?

We have a customized service to suit the requirements of corporate waste. We provide complete accountability of the waste picked up, backed by sustainability report and dashboard support.

Seamless pickup: Professional, scheduled, hassle-free, convenient, doorstep pick up.
Sustainability and Utilisation Certificates: We send quarterly sustainable and utilisation report.
Dedicated Dashboard: Dedicated corporate dashboard with real time analytics for waste disposal and impact.
Go green: Network of PCB certified recyclers to ensure all your waste finds a green end point.


Our Urban Waste Management solution includes professional, scientific on-site processing of organic waste, and recycling of all dry waste, reducing the waste out of the gate by up to 90%.

Benefits include:

Greener footprint: Reduce waste out of gate by up to 90% and leave a green footprint
Hassle free: Our R&D team has developed a scientific, fly-less and odourless process to manage your organic waste, producing high quality compost in the process.
Sanjeevini compost: Free portion of the compost back to use in your gardens.
Regulatory compliance: Comply with the latest Municipal Solid Waste regulation, MSW 2016.
Citizen engagement: Residents or employees can learn in person about composting, recycling and other green initiatives from the WVI team.