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Sandblasting is the process of sanding a surface to remove rough edges or foreign materials. Sandblasting makes sanding much easier, as it is pressure-driven and easily reaches hard-to-sand areas like nooks and crannies.

The “blasting” is done using compressed air to blow sand through a nozzle for a smooth, clean finish.

Further Painting of the chimney using Acid & Alkali Resistance paint.


  • Proper scaffolding will be done in & out of the Chimney, to ensure better safety environment during the work execution.
  • Proper life line safety provision and platform for the work execution, will be provided the crew who are working.
  • After ensuring the cleanliness of the Chimney, painting will be done

shutdown jobs

S.No Site Name Projects Plant Capacity
1 JK Paper Mills Operation & Maintenance of Lime Kiln and Pet coke Unit 55MW  CPP
2 Sirpur Paper Mills EPC and Maintenance of Transformers, panels and Motors 40MW  Co-Generation Thermal Power Plant
3 Tata Meenakshi Energy Pvt. Ltd Maintenance of Power Plant and EPC of Electrical Earthing 2x150MW
4 Utkal Alumina Design and Erection of Piping System 1.5 MTPA Alumina Refinery


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