Operation & Maintenance


Rimplasia entered into the field of Operation and Maintenance Services providing technical skilled manpower in the field of O&M services of Power Plant, steel plant, Automotive industry,Automotive spares industry, Plastic fabrication & Process plants in the form of Job Outsource, according to the client Planning and Designing.

We concentrate on minimizing maintenance costs and drive through well-established systems, Standardize Procedures and Manuals. We also extend our support services to Pre-commissioning, Erection Stage and Annual Operation & Maintenance Services.

We provide effective Experts Manpower-Support for Operation and Maintenance Services on a turnkey basis. Beside the above, we also focus on Production/Maintenance/Quality Job Outsource for Automobile/Auto Ancillaries Industry.

Our Responsibilities in Operation & Maintenance works

  • Annual Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Contract in Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Works.
  • Day to day operations, including production planning, estimation, scheduling and execution.
  • Performance monitoring, diagnostics and efficiency enhancement.
  • Execution the Technology evaluation and spares management provided by Client.
  • Improve O&M systems, process and policies as per Client requirement.
  • Regular meetings with Clients for day to day operation activities.
  • Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between Planning & Execution.
  • Ensuring organizations input turn into output in an efficient manner.
  • Services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of the organization.
  • Complete maintenance of facilities, plant equipment and utilities.
  • Carrying out routine schedule maintenance work and responding to equipment faults.
  • Complete maintenance of facilities, plant equipment and utilities.
  • Diagnosing breakdown problems.
  • Fitting new parts and making sure equipment is working correctly.
  • Assist client to make quality inspections.
  • Liaising with client’s different  departments.
  • Dealing with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs.
  • Annual maintenance and overhauling.
  • Data Bank preparation of spare parts tools and tackles mobile equipment and consumables.
  • Performance, Productivity analysis and maintenance report.
  • Improving health and safety policies and procedures

Value added service


  • Situation monitoring.
  • Periodically Shutdown services without hampering the production.
  • Plant Housekeeping.
  • We maintain highly Safety Standards and deliver the quality services on time and within budget. As part of our continuous improvement initiative, we conduct safety training programmes and audits to our man force. Review of safety norms regular basis both at sites and administrative offices as proactive measures.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Delivery of Flexibility, Speed, Quality and Reliability

Utility services

Utilities in an organization or manufacturing unit are the essential provisions that play a vital role in its operation but are not considered inputs. We have the expertise to take up utilities maintenance for the optimum benefit of the customer.

Objectives Under Utility Maintenance

  • Provide Necessary Training to the Operating Staffs’
  • Ensure 100% compliance with the Company’s EHS guidelines Activities as Required.
  • Report any untoward incidents to the Company Immediately.
  • Ensure compliance with respect to all applicable statutory requirements.
  • Ensure PPE according to respective works and all PPE should be as per EHS guideline
  • Submission of report – daily, monthly weekly or as per requirement of the Company
  • Timely Indenting of Requirements
  • Ensure availability of all tools/ tackles for operation and maintenance work
  • Carry out modifications and other development works as directed by the client.
  • Comply with instructions given w.r.t. Energy and Water Conservation.
  • Provide necessary assistance in project implementation work.
  • To ensure no overtime is permitted.  (Service provider to ensure availability of manpower for any exigencies that may arise.)
  • Submission of RCA of all breakdowns
  • Housekeeping of Related Areas

List of Equipment within our scope

  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Fuel yards (HSD, F.O and LPG)
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant  & Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Fire Pump House
  • Effluent ejection system
  • HVAC and Chillers- Chillers & pumps
  • Compressors
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Street Lights