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Condition Monitoring Services

Condition monitoring  is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery (vibration, temperature etc.), in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault.

It is a major component of predictive maintenance.

  • Vibration data collection & Analysis
  • Electrical Infrared Thermography
  • In Situ Dynamic Balancing of Rotary Machines
  • Laser Shaft Alignment services

Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing

Vibration Analysis collects vibrations detected from equipment and measures them against known failure vibrations to identify potential failure points.

It can help maintenance professionals proactively address performance issues before machines break on the job.


  • Early detection of mechanical fatigue and breakdown
  • Accurately monitor the health of your plant machinery
  • Decrease downtime and increase savings


  • Pumps – Centrifugal (Single-stage, Multistage)
  • All types of Fans & Blowers
  • Compressor – Screw, Reciprocating
  • Mills – Ball Mill, Vertical Mill
  • Agitators
  • Conveyors & Crushers

Thermography Analysis

Thermography is predictive maintenance method that comes under condition monitoring service which is done by infrared camera that are sensitive to the thermal radiation which detect and measure the temperature difference between surfaces.


  • Find problems faster and easier with extreme accuracy
  • Avoid severe damage that shuts a business down
  • Safer work environment that reduces injury , loss of life .


  • Power transfer circuits, such as switchgears and relays.
  • Motor starter circuits.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Problems in gears, couplings, pulleys, conveyors .
  • Joint leakage, insulation breakdown in steam line.

Laser Alignment service

Laser Alignment is the precision approach for ensuring true alignment and positioning for industrial plant machinery and industrial structures.


  • Improved machine reliability and productivity
  • Reduced machine repair costs
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Reduced power consumption of machinery
  • Minimization of machine installation and repair time.
  • Suggesting measures to enhance efficiency save on capital costs & reduce operating costs.
  • Eliminating the expense & hassles of in-house supervision, manpower and maintenance.
  • Modifying plants to improve efficiency & handle changes in influent quality, capacity & treated quality.
  • Troubleshooting problems & tackling emergencies to eliminate downtime.
  • These are just some of the all-in-one benefits you get when you outsource our single-window services


  • All type of Motors, Pumps,Fans,Compressors ,Gear Box, Coupling drives.


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